Burning a CD or DVD from an ISO file using Windows Disk Image Burner

               Sometimes it is difficult to get the perfect third party program to burn a disk. ISO file is a single file that contains all the content of a CD or DVD in it, that is when you send an ISO file the disk tends to contain all files and folder contain in the original disk.

                In this article we will be talking about the steps taken in burning an ISO file into a disk using windows Image Burner.
·         Windows 7 operating system
·         Windows Disk Burner ( most times it is installed on default)
·         A disk of same size or capacity as the ISO file to be copied
1.       Firstly you will need to open up computer either by clicking on computer from the start menu or from the desktop.
2.       Then you need to insert a rewritable disk into your disk burner.
3.       Locate the ISO file in your window explorer it usually have an extension of .iso or .img.

4.       Right click on the disk image file (ISO) and click burn disk image or just click the burn on the windows explorer and you are done.

With this you don’t need to use any third party software but just the Windows Image Burner.

An ISO file cannot be created using a Windows, so to create an ISO file you will need a third party program to be installed.
                The window is open for questions, besides that have fun!

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