Danielle Trofe’s Hourglass lamp: is this free energy?

The Danielle Trofe’s Hourglass lamp

  There has been a tremendous increase in the demand and consumption of electric energy since it was invented

      Production of electric energy been advancing for several years. From the use of wet cells to dry cells moving magnet around coil solar cells and now it is from falling sand.
     Daniele a Brooklyn based designer just reveled her series of outstanding led lighting lamp. The lamp looks just like an hourglass, it is filled with sand and it has led at both bases.
     This hourglass lamp can effectively illuminate room for an hour.
     It has a mechanism that tends to generate electricity from kinetic energy generated from falling sand. The sands falls due to the shape of the hourglass. The four-foot-tall
Lean hourglass floor lamp is suspended and rotates on a hinge so as to be flipped upside down when the sand runs out to continue the falling sand process.

     What do u think of this device? As for me it is awesome!

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