How to Download Android Apps from Playstore Using Windows Browser

Sometimes you might have internet connection on your computer system and want to download an android application using your PC.

Some other time you might be surfing the internet using your PC and stumble upon an android application you would like to download but for the fact that you are on windows platform you feel it is impossible. well it is not impossible, but very possible.

With this easy steps you will be able to download any android application from Google playstore using your PC (windows platform).

Advantages of downloading from Google PlayStore

No. 1 You are sure of downloading the real file and not malicious file.

No. 2 At that moment, you are downloading the latest version of the application.

No. 3 After download and installation it would be counted among the number of downloads.

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Steps to download (android apps) APK using PC

Step 1: Getting to the android application

In this step all you need do is to navigate through the Google PlayStore and get to the Android application.

Step 2: Copy of link

In this step you will have to copy the direct link to the application. This is usually on the browser url box. Just copy it to the clipboard and make sure not to copy anything else on the clipboard as that will delete the copied url.

Step 3: Open the download link generating site.

Simply click {here} and paste the link you copied earlier in the empty box. Then click “Generate Download Link” and let it do its thing

Step 4: Download

After sometime the app image and info will show up. Simply click on download application to start up your download.

It is as simple as that. Make sure to drop comments and share with friends if it seems useful to you.

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