How to setup simple server on android devices

Simple server has been know for PC for a long time and now it is here and also for android.

There is a current browsing cheat that you would need this simple server for and here we will discuss how to set it up for this cheat

First download and install this application properly on your android device here .

Go to the simple server settings and set up the host proxy to be this is the proxy to which the simple server would work with.

Next you make sure the port is set to be 8080

Then check on the host URL, most of them are set to be but that is for a previous cheat trend. The new one now is “”. Make sure you have no space between them and that the blackberry is well spelled.

Now check the number of lines. To be on the saver side, delete all the lines and tap enter 5 (five) times
Now you can start the simple server after you must have changed the proxy on your network APN to

Comment if you are having any problem with this setup and if you appreciate the information.
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