Using a Smartphone device can easy get annoying when the device starts getting hot. The high temperature of this device can course damage to some component of the device, which is the reason I decided to discuss how to reduce the temperature of any android device.

Do you know that charging your phone is very good and necessary? Let know more about that
Following the notion that prevention is better than cure, it is deem to our concern to reciprocate by putting together the best method and ways for you to protect your phone from overheating because sometime you absolutely take good care of yourself with plenty of sun screen and regular hydration, that is the same thing you should know when it comes to technology. Rather try these techniques.


1. Charge your smart phone properly and with the proper chargers
The following ways are the good ways to charge your phone but bear in mind that there are bad ways and good ways some of these thing are mention in your long forgotten manual OK, so this general guidelines to follow.
The first thing is to make sure that your smartphone is free from any obstacle which include the casing and any metal that make cause it to heat up. When your battery is subjected to hot condition or environment it heat up and sometimes can explode. Also it is not good to charge your phone for so long during the daytime heat it will so tough on some people but great percentage of individuals charge their device at night when the battery is down.
2. Keep it in a cool,
We know that when the sun is very hot we seek for shade especially during the summer it is also important for our Smartphone because prolong exposure to sunlight could damage not only the battery but the screen. And it will be nice if we try to avoid putting our phone on a tight pocket because it get sweaty but it will be nice if we put it in a larger pocket, a bag or a purse in order to keep it cool.
3. Beware the beach and protect with cover
I know we all love beach at least a good number of individuals but it is a great threat to our phone because the biggest killers of the Samsung Galaxy s5 were water, dust and sand
So the big deal is these tryto use your device as little as possible at the beach. But for those of us who can’ t bear to leave the beach scene un-Instagrammed, it’s nice and worth considering a protective screen. It will keep your phone safe  
4. Avoid diving
A stitch in time save nine knowing these while going to dive and found out that our pone is in our pocket it risk don’t dive in a mafia way is an appealing prospect but water and phones don’t get on at all.
The main point is that it is pretty cool and simple that you should get your phone wet and you need to check your pocket before diving into any water at all it’s worth investing in one of the many covers that could protect and work underwater, with the added bonus that you can get some prnetty spectacular shots. That my little advice.

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A potential solution
Doing the right thing at the right time worth it but sometime you need to follow the right procedure of doing thing or you get it all wrong it is certain that people do uncertain at time, chill out and avoid using it for a few minutes. Maybe It’s normal for smartphones to overheat sometimes in hot conditions but there are further steps you can take to try and avoid it. 
But when you device stop functioning correctly, often time it is a problem with the firmware. One of the best ways to tackle the problem is Coolify. These are the things you need to know about the app
Coolify could be the solution to your overheating do you know probably you don’t but now you know  
What does it do?
Can you ever imagine, Coolify prevents your smartphone from overheating. This is how it works It does this by continuously monitoring the temperature around you and modifying the phone’s systems accordingly, and importantly during your intensive internet use or during the times whereby you are using a large duty app. Ok by the way a side effect of Coolify is that battery life is increased.
How does it work?
Most of us may be skeptical about the app, in most case suspecting it purely closes tasks in order to free up memory but that’s not the case. The developers of this app have tweaked the concept 80 times and Coolify can now alter as a device’s system parameters in a number of ways, which includes interacting with the battery and the device’s virtual machine. The questions is that  the level of interaction will, naturally, require root permissions.
For many of us that  use custom ROMS, the app may vary in efficacy, depending on how it was been developed, though Coolify is compatible with 80% of custom ROMs. It is nice to have niotice  silently it works and how little RAM it requires to run.
How to use it?
Coolify as we all know is very simple to use and intuitively designed.all you need to do is  just press ‘Turn On Normal Temp Protection’ to begin, thereby accept the request for root permissions and the initialization process will begin. After that it will be followed by the main screen, next you will now find the current temperature chart. Where the other functions are accessed through the main menu button in the top-right of the screen it include
Cooling:  The record of the date dates and times that the app has cooled the device.
Settings: this allows the user to set when he /she want to make use the app, whether to use Celsius or Fahrenheit and whether to allow notifications.
Background: these is where the user changes the background to one of several pre-set pictures or allows to choose any picture from their phone to form their background.
Having no doubt in mind that Coolify is very effective at controlling the temperature of your devices which help and preventing it from over-heating. Smartphone manufacturers or developer are also starting to play their part, attempting to integrate processors and hardware that produce as little heat as possible.
So it is of great importance in using coolify as a way to stop over heating in your Smartphone 

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