How to Successfully Tether Your Simple server Connection with Hotspot

Hello everyone it is here and better. For some time now we have been using the simple server cheat on both Android devices and PC. But have not been able to share it within multiple devices.
Here comes the trick to get to use the simple server in multiple Android devices.

Ever wanted to share your simple server data with other devices? Maybe you do not have another MTN sim or you do not have credit on your other phone but you want to browse?


You will need a Simple Android Server app. You can get it from the Google Play store. Check out how to do that here.
You will also need another android VPN application called “Proxy Droid” or “Autoproxy” this application will let you use the simple server on any application on the device like WhatsApp, BBM, etc.
Then you will need to be subscribed on the MTN BB10 (BBLIGHT) data plan
Note: The Simple Server app must be present in all the phones you want to use.



  • Subscribe you MTN sim with the BB plan you can afford or the comfortable one
  • Then Power on your simple server
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi Hotspot on the host phone
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi in the phones you want to connect
  • Connect to your phone

IMPORTANT:In the Wi-Fi screen, press Menu or hold the Wi-Fi name
You’ll see an option to Modify Network Configuration (This varies by device)
Select it

Go To Proxy Settings

Select Manual

On Proxy host name put

On port put 8080

Then save

Open simple server on the phone

Then connect
Now you can enjoy you simple server on multiple devices.
Feel free to post a comment if you got stock in any action at all.
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