Steps to hack an android device using AndroidRAT

The AndroidRat is a black hat hacking application for android that make you monitor other android devices remotely. This apps and its kind are not found in the Google play store because of their nature. Well to my followers who have passion for hacking, I will put you through using this application here.

NOTE: AndroidCare.Net and its entire crew will not be responsible for any illegal use of this application as it is for educational purpose only
Full steps on how to download and use AndroidRat application
Step 1: first you need to have an account on, so you go ahead and create an account
Step2: now you will have to create a host on and enter hostname and click “Add Host
Step3: now do port forwarding on our network. Port forwarding settings changes on each moderm. So you will need to find help online on doing that.
Step4: Now download Androidrat Binder and enter the Hostname and port. Name the file and click Go. If you want to inject this file with another .apk file then go to Build+Bind teb name apk title and browse of the .apk and click Go.
Step5: Now download DUC and install it. Then enter the host details which you have created in
Step6: now download and run AndroidRat Project. Open server tab on top and enter the port which you use on
Step7: now run the .apk which is created by Android binder on an android device
And then you are in
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