Easiest Method to Change Your Android Boot Animation Using Root Access App

This guide will be fairly short, sweet and to the point. This is a simple tutorial that anybody with or without Root access can accomplish, so let us begin.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Boot Animation”, it’s just the little animation that your screen shows when you power on/reboot your device. If you are a Nexus user, you should see the Nexus/Google Boot animation. You can easily change this animation with a File explorer, or if you are a Cyanogenmod user, this feature is built in to the Rom.
Before we start on something like this, or anything that requires you to modify system files, there is a slight chance that something may go terribly wrong, so like all the other tutorials I’ve covered, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you head into your Stock Recovery, or Custom Recovery and create a backup file of your device, and make a copy of it and store it on an external storage source, like a computer or a hard drive/USB Flash drive/SD Card.
First things first, go online and find a Boot Animation that you like, and download it. The File should have a .zip file extension. This Website is a good source for high definition Boot animations, so feel free to check that out, or browse other sites for downloads.
You will also need an app that lets you browse your phone’s storage, something like ES File explorer, or Root browser are some good examples.
So once you have your Boot Animation zip file downloaded, navigate to where you downloaded your boot animation file. Most likely that would be under your device’s internal storage>Downloads, or SDCARD>Downloads. So find the file and copy or move the file. Next, navigate to the Root of your device’s storage, and go to /system/media and you should see your device’s stock default Boot Animation. The file name should be “bootanimation.zip”. Rename the default file from “bootanimation.zip” to “bootanimation.zip.bak”all you need to do is pretty much add a .bak extension to your existing boot animation file, to make the file into a backup file, and not an actual boot animation. Next, paste the downloaded boot animation into the directory, and name it “bootanimation.zip”. Next, highlight the new Boot animation file, and click on properties. 

Next, click on permissions. Uncheck the write box that’s ticked by default and tick the “other” box under read and click ok. Now your desired boot animation is now your default animation, just reboot your device, and you should be pretty satisfied with the new changes we have just performed. So we are pretty much done!

That was pretty simple and straight forward wasn’t it? If you need to revert your boot animation back to the stock Boot Animation, just delete your current bootanimation.zip file, (this is safe to do, because this was the file we downloaded, so it’s disposable, as long as you didn’t delete the backup of the stock boot animation we had earlier), and rename the stock boot animation file from “bootanimation.zip.bak” back to “bootanimation.zip”, so all you did was remove the .bak from the name, and your stock boot animation is successfully reverted back to its original state.
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