How to ‘archive’ embarrassing old photos on Instagram

Instagram has added an unannounced archive option.
There is countless number of reasons you might want to delete or achieve a picture on Instagram, and let no one see them again or for the main time. Now Instagram has given us an option to either delete or archive embarrassing or unwanted pictures
Instagram rolled out an update on Monday that introduced location and hashtag stories and also included an unannounced archive option.
How to view achieved pictures on Instagram
 You just have to download and install the latest update of the Instagram application, after which you will see a new clock-with-an-arrow-around-it button in the top right, which takes you to your archive page where you alone can view your archived pictures or posts.
How to achieve pictures on Instagram
Now how to archive a post, tap the triple-dot (option) button above it and you’ll see Archive at the top of the list. Don’t worry, the Delete option remains for those photos of your ex you want to trash forever. Archived posts are removed from your feed and placed on your archive page.
After archiving a post, you can reverse course and add it back to your feed. From the archive page, open a photo, tap the triple-dot (option) button and then tap Show on Profile. It’ll get put right back where it was before, with the chronological order of your feed unchanged.
This is a fast and easy way to either trash your photos on Instagram or just achieve them for the main time and no other person but you will see them.
NB: deleted photos cannot be reverted to the feed except by posting them again but achieved post can be reverted to the feed in their initial order of arrangement.
Thanks and I hope you got the whole steps done; you can drop your questions using the comment box.

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