Samsung Family Hub fridge gives you even more companionship

The technology gait Samsung has decided to expanding the features of the Samsung family hub fridge to help increase the companionship with user. This also came with the great upgrade in the Samsung Tizen OS which was announced CES 2017
Samsung has also increased the number of smart fridges it is producing and has added voice support so you can now talk to the refrigerator, isn’t that cool?
The Samsung Family Hub 2.0, which is based on the original model released last year, includes a 21.5-inch LED touch screen. At CES 2017 this week, the company revealed the screen and parameters for the intelligent house will include ten models of refrigerators in the future.

The 21.5 inch touchscreen allows users to post messages and take down notes, share photos, and look at shared calendars.
Samsung also added the ability to create profiles for different people: avatars or personal pictures can be used to represent them in the profile in the Samsung Family Hub 2.0.

With the internal camera in the Samsung family hub you can take accurate stuck of whatever you have stored in it via mobile devices; you can easily use the image from the captured pictures of the items to place new order online or add item to chat. With is feature opening the family hub fridge will not be required more often, this will also help trap the temperature inside.
Advanced voice technology has been added to the Samsung family hub fridge and this permits users to issue voice commands, voice commands could be used to track weather, check on time, schedule events in calendar, manage to-do-list, add product to shopping list and also control some other apps. Samsung believe voice recognition technology will play a huge role in their firm and technology industry.
The South Korean country, Samsung had a hard time in 2016 with the problems of the Galaxy Note 7 battery and blast washing machines. The problems of the third quarter’s benefits of company decline by as much as 30 percent over the previous year. He has suggested that speech recognition and AI technologies will play an important role in future models.
By increasing the functionality of the refrigerator models Samsung says that working with Spotify, iHeartRadio, LIDL, Glympse, and many more applications and different refrigerator features. In many respects, additions, including a “morning’s information” news content is equal to the effort, assistant home AMAZON ECHO and Google homepage devices.
Updates Hub Family Fridges are one of the many household products connected Samsung will launch at the CES in Las Vegas. It is also the introduction of new Wi-Fi connected ovens, hotplates and extractor hoods. “Users can start, control and switch their ovens remotely access and monitor your cooktop and cooker hood,” said the company. It is also the launch of a new washer and dryer four in one.

You may be able to remember how many eggs they have left in the fridge, but it is certain that will last until next week? Now you do not have to do it. Three cameras connected to Wi-Fi integrated in the 550-liter hub family and a companion program, you can check your supplies and make a digital tracking expiration date of your food for updates while filling. An integrated 21.5-inch tablet can provide a calendar, messages and recipes. Use entertainment system to watch music or watch TV.

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