How to unlock iPhone without passcode without restore

You might have forgotten the passcode for your iPhone? With the value of data you have stored on you iPhone this may seem like the end of the world. However, there could be other situations when you need to unlock someone`s else device. For example, you have found an iPhone and need to contact the owner or his friends to return it. Anything can happen and this article will guide you on how to get into a locked iPhone without the password.
Siri always saves us in tough situations and you might be surprised, but your passcode not and exception. There is no need to ask her how to unlock a locked iPhone without the password. Just follow this few simple steps:
How to unlock iPhone without passcode without restore
Firstly you simply need to popup the Siri virtual assistant by pressing and holding the home bottom.
Next thing you do is as Siri for the time, after it shows you the time, click on the image of the clock, this will activate the world clock/alarm feature
Then afterwards choose the timer option and select “when the timer ends.”
Go to the top of ringtone list and click the “Buy more tones” option. This will redirect you to the Apple Store.
Now click the home button again and you will arrive at the home screen of your iPhone device and have access to all your files with no root needed and no data lost.
How to delete the existing passcode on your iPhone
Above we have discussed how you can actually bypass iPhone security lock now we will talk about how to delete the existing passcode to avoid it locking up again, and possibly allow you to setup a new password.
Now to remove or delete the existing passcode you will need to download and install a file explorer app; afterwards open the file explorer application downloaded and navigate to data/system.
The folder “data/system” contains a lot of system files that have their special way of affecting the way the device works. File like “delete gesture.key”, “delete password.key” etc.
Simply look for “gesture.key” and delete the file. Reboot your device afterwards and you will discover the lock screen disappears after reboot.
If you follow these steps carefully and strictly you will have a positive experience.

Don’t forget to let us know how it all went.

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