How to download and install brothers in arm 3 APK Mod version

In this post we will be discussing how to download and install brothers in Arm 3 with unlimited money and gold.
Brothers In Arm is a well know strategy game staged in the word war 2 settings, where each player combine teamwork and tactics with other players online to win wars.
In winning the wars you (as a player) get increase in rank from sergeant as more wars are won. And at such get more coins, gold and money for upgrades.
Well, with this version you don’t have to spend your physical cash or spend a lot of time trying to earn more coins for your upgrades rather you will get more than enough coins and gold for upgrades and help you climb the at ladder of leadership faster and win more wars.
With this Mod Version of brothers in Arm a player will have access and buy all the high level weapons that are locked by default and also prepare themselves with heavy arms for any battle.

Why do I need the Mod version of Brothers in Arm?

Brothers in arm is a strategy game which means you need to use more of your strategic thinking, since it is an online game, your opponents are all players like you most of which have been on the game longer than you can imagine. This gives them higher advantage because they have earned enough coin to buy powerful weapons and equipped themselves very well for each battle. As a new player or an old player who is still struggling to get powerful weapon and win more wars you need this mod to stop the intimidation you get from other players.
About Brothers In Arm

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Arcade and Action
APK file size: 49.9MB
OBB Data File size: 545MB
OS Compatibility: Android version 5.0 and higher
Latest update: January 2019
Multiplayer Mod: Yes
Price: free

How to download Brothers In Arms 3

To download the brothers in arms 3 you will need a good internet connection on your mobile phone to avoid errors. Simply use the link below to download the respective files.

Unlock zipped file with “” as password

How to Install Brothers In Arm on Your Android devices
After you must have downloaded both the APK MOD and the OBB data files, then you will have to extract or unzip the OBB file since it is a zipped file. You can use winrar, Es file explorer or any similar application for this.
Now you have to place the OBB file in the right directory for it to be accessed by the APK MOD.

NB: If you already have Brothers in Arm already installed on your android device please look for the OBB file and delete it or better still clear data from application settings to avoid errors.
Now move the OBB data file to the following directory
Now install the Brother In Arm APK MOD you also downloaded.
Then launch the app and you are all set.


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  1. This is the first game hack I am doing. In fact the first ever and it was so easy and worked well. I followed the steps and now I have the MOD version installed and the data file in place.


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